Nathan grew up in a good Christian home down in south Texas. Growing up with a family that was heavily involved in the church, he was surrounded by the gospel 24/7. Though he was surrounded by the gospel and grew up knowing all about it, he never made the decision to surrender his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.
By the age of 13, he started using drugs and living a riotous life. He got involved in a Hispanic street gang and started doing gang-affiliated activities, which took him further and further down the rabbit trail of iniquity. In the midst of all of this, our heavenly Father continued to pursue him because He loved Nathan so much. Things started to get worse and worse, and by the age of 16, Nathan was smoking crack and had become addicted to various drugs and alcohol. He eventually got arrested for burglary of habitation, due to breaking into houses trying to feed his crack addiction. It was at this time that everything in his life was failing and he knew it.

It was at this time that Nathan was all alone in his room. He was doing cocaine, snorting bumps from a pen top. All of the sudden, he started to think about God and the Lord Jesus Christ. The power of God hit him, and he started to weep and got hit with the compassion and love of our Heavenly Father. It was then that Nathan cried out in his heart, being full of repentance that he got set free by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He had now been born again into the family of God.

This experience started Nathan on his journey into God and pursuing Him in an intimate relationship. A couple of months later he was invited to church by his dear friend Nason. He was asked to come to church to fill in to play the guitar for worship on Sunday morning, and being excited about the things of God, he did not hesitate. It was here at church that Nathan met his future wife, Lori Charles. Nathan took one look at Lori and said I want to marry this girl!!!

Lori had grown up in the same city that Nathan had with her family, a pastoral family that was devoted to God and fulfilling their callings. She had been born again when she was 10 years old while attending a youth conference at the Family Prayer Center in Tulsa. She got filled with the Holy Ghost shortly after and she started her intimate relationship with her heavenly father. When Nathan met Lori he saw in her eyes that she loved God and wanted to follow Him and she caused Nathan to fall more in love with God.

Our heart is to lead everyone who will listen into intimacy with the Lord Jesus.  We want to see people fall so in love with Jesus they burn with fire everywhere they go.

Nathan, his wife Lori, and two daughters now reside in Tulsa, where they started a church called Good Tree. We pray that you are blessed and encouraged by everything that you find on our website.