I can remember being exposed to pornography at the age of 6 or 7 years old. It was an unfortunate thing that happened which set my life on a course of addiction to lust. Once I got born again I still had problems with lust and impure thoughts. I felt alone, like no one could help me and at times, I didn’t even feel saved. I had to walk through the war of my life and learn how to overcome the flesh and lust. I have met so many people that are struggling with these things today and feel like there is no hope for them. I want to encourage you that there is hope for you! Do not let the devil, your flesh or religion steal from you the life of victory that is available to you.. The Holy Spirit taught me how to overcome through who I had been made through Christ Jesus. I want to invite you to come and learn how you can overcome any level of lust that you might be fighting today.

  1. Start Your Journey Out of Sin Nathan Varble 1:01:07
  2. Renewing Your Mind: You Are a Good Tree Nathan Varble 57:18
  3. God Changed the Root and You Deal With the Fruit Nathan Varble 1:01:52
  4. Transformation Is Not Transformation Without Obedience Nathan Varble 55:26
  5. Strive to Keep Your Conscience Pure and Clean Nathan Varble 54:15
  6. Obedience to Your Conscience is Today and Not in the Future Nathan Varble 1:03:03